2024 4th International Conference on Electronic Communication, Computer Science and Technology
ECCST 2023
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The Successful Conclusion of ECCST 2023  


The chairman of the conference is Professor Guanglin Zhang of Donghua University, Publication Chair is Professor Shengjie Zhao of Tongji University, and Program Committee Chair is Professorate Senior Engineer Nan Wang of Shanghai NOKIA Bell Co., Ltd. Organizing Chairs are Secretary-general Liping Xi of Shanghai Pudong New Area Association For Compute and Senior Engineer Guohua Yang of Shanghai Internet Software Group.

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The conference aims to provide a platform for participating scholars to exchange views and share experiences in electronics and communications, networks, artificial intelligence, computer technology and related fields, and promote the industrialization of academic achievements.     

嘉宾报告 Speeches of Keynote Speakers       

主讲1.pngProf. Ljiljana Trajkovic

Simon Fraser University

主讲2-杨旸.JPG杨旸 教授,香港科技大学(广州)

Prof. Yang Yang, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)

主讲3-陶梅霞 (2).JPG

陶梅霞 教授,上海交通大学

Prof. Meixia Tao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

主讲4-徐树公 (2).JPG徐树公 教授,上海大学

Prof. Shugong Xu, Shanghai University, China

口头报告  Oral Presentations   



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During the conference, participants have carried out constructive dialogues and discussions around the presented reports, and achieved positive results in many aspects.    

大会闭幕  Closing



The conference focused on the new challenges and new directions facing computer science and electronic communications, and focused on reflecting the latest progress in related technical research in this field. The smooth convening of this conference has promoted the exchange and cooperation between experts and scholars at home and abroad.